Why Faithletics?

Faithletics was created by a group of college athletes who were searching their purpose and looking to create a community for athletes and Christians alike to feel comfortable and connected. Bringing the beauty of sports and the glory of God together become the mission statement and focus for the brand, connecting Christian athletes around the country together through social media and giving meaning to Faithletics Family they represent.  

​Many athletes struggle staying in touch with God through busy schedules, social struggles, and an ever changing community culture. Faithletics allows these athletes to find support and find their purpose in a growing community with other Christian athletes around the nation. 

​While connecting these athletes and giving them a sense of home was an important goal for the Faithletics founders, giving back to the community and local churches was also a priority. 

​A portion of the proceeds made by Faithletics is donated to churches in the local Las Vegas area in hopes to make a difference in the community while also bringing the community together. 

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