Are you Faithletic?

  • We are looking for athletes ready to spread their faith throughout their community
  • Find strength in their faith and their fitness
  • Respect and represent our values and mission


Faithletics is excited to announce that our Ambassadors are able to get paid for spreading our message!

As an ambassador you will be given an ambassador discount for 20% off your first purchase to get you geared up and representing Faithletics as you begin your journey with us!

Payment Information:

10% commission on purchases made using your affiliate link or coupon code


Sarah has been an aspiring fitness influencer on social media and Luke is a professional rugby player.

Luke and Sarah also started a fitness program as well. Check out their fitness app for incredible workouts and fitness instruction fit to your needs!



If you know Faithletics, you know Kenny!

Kenny coaches tennis in North Carolina and played tennis for many years, we want to continue to see Kenny grow and continue to be the amazing person we know and love!



Airman. Athlete. Ambassador.

Erick serves our country in the Air Force, is a fitness influencer and coach, and was recently baptized February 25th, 2024 and has started his new life in Christ! Follow his socials for fitness and Christian motivation!



10% commission of each purchase made with your affiliate link or coupon code.

Your ambassador account and personal promo code will be created immediately once you sign up! You can change the code to personalize your experience once you log into your account. Payouts will occur on the 1st of each month after $5 in commissions is earned.

Your coupon code is worth 10% off the entire purchase made by the customer and is used to connect the purchase to your account so you can receive commissions linked to your ambassador account.

You will receive a 20% off coupon for your first purchase as an ambassador so you can get gear to represent your faith and our brand as soon as possible!

We appreciate every purchase made helping us spread God's message but unfortunately you will not receive payment for personal purchases.

You can change your coupon code once your ambassador account has been approved. The edit coupon code will show up on the dashboard of your ambassador account.

Our most successful ambassadors purchase the ambassador pack when they join our program and post on social media using their personal coupon code with a picture in one of our shirts. Adding your affiliate link in your bio can also help create more purchases.

Every school and every state are slightly different with how they handle NIL deals. It is best to talk to your compliance liaison to know all the information for your unique situation.